Bird Watching

Get your binoculars out as there is plenty to see on” The River Ebro”

Lots of birds!. Birds in numbers and diversity unlike anything you’re going to encounter in all but a couple of other places in the Western Mediterranean. There are about 600 species of birds in Europe – the Ebro delta holds roughly 350 of them

Top tips:

  • Between January and March the rice fields are at their driest, so bird life is focused on the lagoons and salt marshes.
  • Summer gets busy, but if you avoid weekends and go during the week you’ll have the place largely to yourself.
  • Bring insect repellent. The delta is, after all, largely covered in standing water. Mosquito alert!!
  • Either bring or rent bikes. The delta is; of course, mostly flat, and biking is an easy and efficient way to cover lots of ground.
  • Dress is sombre colours, be very quiet, and have patience.
  • If there are specific species you’re targeting, figure out if they’re going to be there in that season.

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