Cycling / Hiking


The magnificent winding river, the wooded glades of the riverbanks, the colour contrasts, the mild climate and rich history present an invitation for hikers and cyclists. There are many routes already marked and open to enthusiasts of these recreational activities. Walking paths specifically carved to highlight the panoramic views are perfect for those who desire both exercise and breath-taking scenery; the images and terrain providing opportunity for both.

Beyond the verges of the river, there are also trails, paths and hiking routes that gradually abandon the river and enter into the heart of the mountains. Old carriage roads, and other abandoned stock routes, today are a delight for walkers and cyclists. Exploring by bike is the perfect way to get right to the heart of a place, with the freedom to stop whenever you choose. And because you can travel at entirely your own pace (be it lively or lazy), your holiday can be as restful as it is adventurous.

Each year around the 1st June, there is an organized bicycle ride along part of the route from Tortosa to Jesus followed by breakfast and activities.

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Located in Flix – 7km 10 minutes by car