Riba Roja D’ebre Village

Within just a few short kilometres in any direction of Riba-Roja, there are many different things to do and see making this area nothing short of splendid.

During the Civil War of 1936, Riba-Roja was on the front line. Corbera d’Ebre is now home to the interesting Interpretation Centre of the Areas of the Battle of the Ebro, and Gandesa and other villages also have some remarkable exhibitions related to the Civil War.

SLeaving Riba-Roja on the left bank of the Ebro, a wide path leads to the Nature Reserve of Sebes in Flix, a marshy area where visitors can see a variety of birds, including storks, from excellent vantage points, as well as enjoy forests of special riverside species such as tamarisks or take a stroll along the meander of the River Ebro. All the necessary information can be found in the Mas del Director.

The rest of the region of Ribera d’Ebre, through which the river flows, contains areas of outstanding natural beauty. This area is home to the castles of Flix (Carlist), Miravet (Templar) and Mora d’Ebre (Islamic), the Iberian settlement of Sant Miquel in Vinebre, the Iberian village of Castellet de Banyoles in Tivissa and the mountains of Serra de Llaberia and Vall de Cardo.

The wines of the neighbouring region of Terra Alta are of extraordinary quality and can be sampled on wine tasting trips to visitable wineries. The Catalan modernist buildings in the cooperatives of Gandesa and Pinell de Brai should not be missed.

It is also interesting to visit the neighbouring regions of Priorat, Les Garrigues and Matarranya, which are also known for their natural beauty, traditions and high-quality products.

The municipality of Riba-Roja covers 99.14 km2 with the Ebro as its backbone, land on the right bank, where the town is located, and cliffs on the left bank that end in the green waters of the river. The vegetation in this area consists of pine trees, white and red oak trees, and various shrubs such as juniper or savin, thyme, rosemary, gorse and broom. The gallery forest contains poplars, grey willows and many other shrubs that take advantage of the proximity to water.

The rich fauna in the area includes foxes, wild boars, common badgers, serval cats, squirrels, rabbits, hares, partridges, pigeons, starlings, owls, hawks, owls, hoopoe, herons, blackbirds and buzzards…

This wealth of flora and fauna means that trips to specific attractions such as the hermitages of Santa Madrona and Santa Maria Magdalena de Berrús are places where you can surround yourself with nature. It is especially worth noting the importance and diversity of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty of Riba-roja which occupies a large area on both banks of the river in the area of the reservoir.