Welcome to Villa “Bianca” – River Ebro guided Catfishing holidays in Spain. Riverfront Villa is located only 100 meters from the wild 18km stretch of the river Ebro where 24h fishing for Catfish is allowed. This stretch of the river consistently produce 100lb, or more commonly 200lb catfish, along with carp catches which are regularly in the 50lb plus range.  There is a private swim at the property if you wish to fish without a guide, but to get the most out of your trip we do recommend professional guides who will share their wealth of local knowledge and make your trip a truly memorable experience. Alternatively, you can hire a boat if you would prefer a self-guided fishing holiday; you can fish the Ebro at your leisure. This really gives you the flexibility to fish where and when you want to and try any new places or methods.

The majority of catfishing is carried out from the boat, such as trolling lures and drift style float fishing using clonk, drifting live baits down the margins and near shallow weed beds covering as much water as possible. These methods we find to be very productive.
For those who prefer bank fishing we can locate you on private river banks free from disturbance so you can then sit back in the sun and enjoy the surroundings and wildlife awaiting your catch. For this style of fishing, pellets are very popular hook bait for both the carp and catfish or alternatively the buoy method with live bait can be used too.

Depending on the time of the year and the river conditions, our guides will be able to advise which of the methods is the most successful to catch your dream fish. All tackle including rods, bevies, chairs etc., terminal tackle for catching these huge fish can be provided.

Zander fishing is getting very popular on the River Ebro as it holds predators of 10kg+ (22lb+). They bite on artificial lures (soft baits lures, wobblers work very well), dead baits and live baits. The best time of the year are the colder months (November, December, January and February).

Another fantastic fish is the Black Bass and Perch which can be fished for on a variety of methods. Spinning and fly fishing are the best option using streamers, soft baits, poppers, etc. The biggest Bass can grow up to 60cm and they are Fantastic sport fish to catch.
The river Ebro is stocked also with lots of big hard fighting commons and mirrors. Riba Roja stretch hold Carp (40lb+ and 50lb+). Simple rigs work best as most carp have never been caught before. Although boilies work, we’d recommend fishing with old fashioned baits: maize, corn, halibut pellets etc…

Fishing licences are always required while fishing in Spain. They are available to purchase from the local village, you can order them online, or if you prefer, we can organise the licence for you prior to arrival. They are valid for periods ranging from one day to four years depending on how much you want to pay.  Please note that each region requires its own licence.

Fishermen come from far and wide to fish the River Ebro for the gigantic catfish, zander and carp. The catfish was not a native species in this region but was introduced to the River for sporting purposes in the 1970’s. Due to a vast number of smaller prey and the catfish being higher up the food chain, this allowed them to feed well, live long and grow to colossal sizes. What A challenge for the keen fisherman, a test of strength and stamina to reel one of these in!